Dents-du-Midi ombres chinoises

Anthème - Chindonne/Les Jeurs

Ascent of: 621 metres
Descent of: 906 metres
Distance: 13.14 km
Hiking time: there 4 ½ hrs - back 4 hrs 40 mins

From the Anthemoz hut (2037m.), the altitude remains similar until Signal de Soi (2013m.). This passage below the rocks is magnificent, marked by the torrents flowing down from the Soi glacier. With the impressive northern wall of the Dents-du-Midi and the Chalin hanging glacier towering over it, the trail continues across the Chalin basin to reach the pretty Majedo clearing. A path for Troistorrents or Val d'Illiez leaves from here. The trail continues across a combe where alders grow to reach the mountain pastures of Valere and Valerette, then carries on to Chindonne (1604m.) or to the sporting centre of Les Jeurs (1560m.), ten minutes further on.

Alternatives: Signal de Soi (2054m.), Chalin cabin/hut (2595m.), Dent de Valerette (2058m.)