Dents-du-Midi avec le lac de Salanfe

Mex - Salanfe

Ascent of: 1252 metres
Descent of: 456 metres
Distance: 8.75 km
Hiking time: there 4½ hrs - back 3 ½ hrs

Leave from Mex (1118 m.), a small village perched on the heights of St-Maurice, follow the forest trail to St. Bartholomew's torrent, cross over the footbridge. (In the event of heavy rain, it can be very difficult to cross). Rather steep rise on a wide trail which winds its way up to the Jorat pass (2 210 m.). Wonderful point of view between the Dent du Salentin and the Gagneries Virgin onto the open plain of Salanfe, the lake and the dam, encased by the slopes of the Dents-du-Midi, Luisin and the Tour Salliere. Easy descent to the Auberge de Salanfe (1950m.). Van d'en Haut above Salvan can be reached from here.

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