Dents-du-Midi depuis le refuge

Salanfe - Susanfe

Ascent of: 669 metres
Descent of: 501 metres
Distance: 7.22 km
Hiking time: there 3 hrs 10mins - back 2 hrs 50mins

From the Auberge de Salanfe (1950m.), take the alpine pasture track which skirts the lake. Just after the point where the stream enters the lake, take the track which leads up to Lanvouisset. From there, the path climbs gradually to a cliff face where the passage has been equipped with a handrail. At the top, a deserted lunar landscape opens up, leading to Susanfe pass (2494m.). The pass forms a broad cleft between the Haute Cime and the Tour Salliere. This is the highest point on the circuit, from which the path leads down towards the Susanfe Cabin/Refuge/Hut (2102m.).

At the beginning of the season there may still be heavy snowfalls, in which case the older route known as the "Winter Way" (Chemin d'hiver) should be used to reach Susanfe pass.

Possible alternatives: Dents-du-Midi refuge/hut and glacier, climbing the Haute Cime, the Robert mines (gold and arsenic).